Fitness: 3 Great Exercises That Will Work Your Core

The core is the mid-section part of your body. If you’re into fitness and bodybuilding, keeping your core strong is important. The sign of a well-exercised core is visible abdominal muscles (abs). Not only is it sexy to spot washboard abs, abs also show great discipline and midsection strength. Below, check out a number of exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen yours.

Russian twist

This is a challenging exercise that will push your core muscles to the brim. To carry out the Russian twist, lie down on your back. Lift your upper body up to create a 45-degree angle and hold that position. Put your legs together and lift them up to the same angle off the ground. Your body should now be forming a V-shape. Join your hand together above your stomach and move them from one side of the waist to the other. Do this while maintaining the V-shape.

Body lifts

Body lifts are also great for working the core and growing those ab muscles. Here, all you need to do is to hoist yourself up on a bar. To perform a body lift, grab the lift bar with your arms about a foot apart. Lift yourself up to about chin level then lower yourself down again. Without getting your legs to touch the ground, lift yourself back up again and repeat.

Leg press

The leg press exercise was designed to work the lower and upper leg muscles. However, it also indirectly works the core area very well. That is because a lot of the force is also impacted around the midsection, especially when pushing. Simply work out on the leg press machine as you’re supposed to. Once done, you will feel the strain in your core alerting you of the workout your abs have received.

Nothing says fitness like a flat and strong core. Start working on yours today with these 5 exercises.