Essential Facts You Need To Know About Effective Steroid Cycles

Before you introduce your body to any steroid cycle, you should know that it is illegal in some countries, especially in the United States, to use any anabolic steroids without first getting a proper prescription. However, thanks to the internet, you can now access the best steroid cycles that are safe to be used in the comfort of your home or office. This has led many bodybuilders and athletes, even amateurs, to start regularly using anabolic steroids.

A Brief History of the Use of Anabolic Steroids

For starters, the use of steroid stacks is not meant as a prescription for physical performance enhancement. Initially, there were very few clinical studies on the effect of steroids had on physical enhancement as well as actual performance. In the absence of the requisite data and knowledge, users established their own steroid cycles and dosages, normally through guesswork.

Anabolic Steroids Use

Several clinical studies have now been undertaken in actual steroid stacks scenarios to evaluate the influence on users’ physique as well as performance. A number of these have established that many steroids are most beneficial when used in consistent sequences. Such sequences are what are referred to as steroids cycles. The athletes and bodybuilders normally apply the term “On-cycle” in reference to the period that they are using anabolic steroids. On the contrary, when they are not on steroids, the term “Off-cycle” applies. The steroids work better when used in combination—in a process commonly referred to as stacking.

However, one has to get the best steroid stack in order to realize better and quicker results. Stacking usually leads to massive increase in muscle mass and strength, which may not be possible with a single anabolic steroid. But, stacks are only recommenced for steroid users who are at advanced stages. A normal cycle lasts between 6-12 weeks.

Are There Any Effects of Using Steroids?

As much as oral steroid stack can act quickly and give faster results, they can end up being poisonous if taken over a long period of time. Therefore, most athletes and bodybuilders normally take oral steroids for about a month then switch to injectable ones.

Since injectable steroids are slow in showing their effect, as compared to oral ones, some users out to realize quick results might be tempted to take huge amounts of the steroids (front load) than usual, in the initial stages. This can have adverse health effects.


In the field of palliative medicine, anabolic steroids can be used to treat various diseases and debilitations. But this is usually done in very small doses, without necessarily doing it in “steroids cycles.” When used appropriately and safely, best steroid stacks can be immensely useful for body builders and weight lifters. But you have to bear in mind that there is no 100% guarantee that the use of anabolic steroids or even the best steroid stacks can be totally safe. Even the best steroid cycle calls for extreme safety precautions.